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Fundamentals of Programming

Scratch 2 Offline Editor is an education and reference software developed by MIT. The software teaches students and enthusiasts on how to develop their own programs or applications. They will learn to pick up programming languages with the help of simplified tools.

Basic Programming Module

Scratch 2 Offline Editor is built as a tool for teaching anyone about basic programming. It allows the creation of animations, games and even interactive contents. The software highlights important concepts regarding programming languages. Users can nourish crucial programming skills like creatively, collaborative work with others, and logical reasoning. It encourages users to develop algorithmic thinking through their scriptwriting features.

Making Program Scripts Via Visuals

The software allows users to create an animated character with implementing basic commands like moving, dancing, singing and interacting with other characters. The process is simplified compared to industry-standard programming languages like JavaScript, Swift, Java, C++, Python, and PHP. Programming with the software involves connecting graphical blocks similar to puzzle pieces. Users can create images with different responses depending on the mouse movement. They can insert audio clips and other sound effects for additional decorations.  Adding in music clips or other sound effects is also possible and relatively simple. Starting with this software is easy while progressing further becomes complicated as users discover more features compared to the real difficulty with itself. Any completed projects on the software can be shared online. They can be distributed in the official Scratch website and community, as well as websites like Facebook. Users can receive feedback from other programmers, at the same time find new techniques. The software runs even if the Internet is down but sharing them may take a while.

Graphical Programming Environment 

Scratch 2 Offline Editor makes programming more fun and less intimidating for everyone. It encourages algorithmic thinking while making it very visual. Users simply assemble programming commands and scripts like puzzles. They will transition from normal consumers to actual producers of interactive contents.


  • Intuitive learning process
  • Easy to assemble programs via graphical blocks
  • Audio clips integration
  • Shareable to Scratch community


  • Takes time to maximize all features
  • May have difficulty on writing scripts just like other programming language
  • Lacks advance features for serious coding
  • Written programs from Scratch 2 may not work on some computers

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Scratch 2 Offline Editor


Scratch 2 Offline Editor 461 for Windows

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    scratch is developed by the lifelong kinderten group at the mit technology media lad

  • Е. А.

    by Е. А.

    It is better then the online version, very comfortable and usefull.

  • BADERX7454

    by BADERX7454

    iT is SO EASY TO USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I use it at school and really enjoy it. But when i wanted to use it at home, it took me a long time to locate it and it took even longeMore


    by ADHYAN


  • chirosangi .

    by chirosangi .

    its very useful for new upgrade them with latest digital system

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